Why home staging is best left to the experts

Kiwis love a bit of DIY, but preparing your Wellington house for sale isn’t always as easy as a bit of elbow grease and a trip to Bunnings. Maximising the overall appearance of your home is an excellent way to attract buyers. Optimising the appearance of your home, on the other hand, will go beyond mere attraction; it’ll have buyers falling head over heels for your property! 

A dedicated buyer is a generous buyer, so it’s important to ensure their first impression is ‘love at first sight’. No confusion, no discomfort, just awe and inspiration. How do we achieve this level of Wellington home staging romance? Unfortunately for DIY fans, this is a job best left to the experts. 

Here’s why… 


Your furniture is lovely, but it might not suit your buyer

We appreciate that you might have gone through plenty of effort to nestle perfectly sized armchairs, shelves and lampstands into every nook and cranny of your home. However, while your personalised layout might suit you and your family, there’s little to no chance it’ll work as well for your viewers. 

Professional Wellington home staging experts take this fact into account. We have studied your viewers and we are confidently able to create an ideal interior image within your home that they’ll fall in love with, and we can achieve this with our own stunning, modern pieces. 

We understand that your home is due to see high levels of traffic during any single property viewing session. We are also aware of that fact that your viewers will have only a short amount of time in which they might visually assess the layout of each room, and mentally picture how they might arrange their own furnishings in the spaces. 

Unfortunately, personal family furnishings can be a distraction. They can make a viewer feel like an invader of your privacy, rather than a potential resident of your property. It’s best to keep the canvas clean, sleek and efficient, and we achieve this with stylish Wellington homestaging furniture. 


Get packing while we get staging! 

Leave it to the Wellington home staging experts to fashionably furnish your home while you focus on the important things like packing and shifting. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property is in good hands. With our savvy eye for style and optimised interior layouts, you’ll have endless offers flooding in for your fabulous property.

Emma Bell