When to invest in Wellington home staging services

Are you considering investing in a Wellington home styling expert to transform your home in preparation for sale? It’s no secret that a good looking home attracts and sustains attention. Whether you’re sitting on the fence about homestaging or you’ve decided you’d like to let us work our magic on your home, we’ve got some advice in today’s article that’ll inform or affirm your decision. 

Here are a few popular examples of scenarios in which home staging your property could be your best option.


When you want to attract attention in a competitive market

Today’s home buyers start their search for a property online, which means that the photos of your home will be their official first impression. If those photos are busied with a cluttering of furniture (or dulled with no furniture at all), then potential buyers will simply scroll past your home. You really can’t afford to be that ‘easy to scroll past’ home with cluttered or empty photos, lost among your competitors in a virtual sea of colour, elegance and style. 

Home staging stops that scroll in its tracks and demands your house be seen. Beautiful homestaging says ‘this dreamy interior could be yours’. It piques curiosity, encourages clicks and inspires visions of what the buyer’s life could be like if they lived a day in your lovely home. 


When your home has an ‘interesting’ layout 

Plenty of Wellington homes feature quirky, abstract and (sometimes) just plain awkward layouts. To the untrained eye, these prove to be cumbersome obstacles. To the homestaging expert, an awkward layout isn’t an obstacle: it’s an opportunity! 

An opportunity for us to work our home staging magic and turn those tricky twists and turns in your layout into cosy nooks and spacious storage areas. Strangely jutting walls will become canvases for gorgeous artworks and visually enticing pieces of fashionable furniture. Crammed kitchens will become cute, cosy and colourful places to cook and bake.

The experts at Homestaging Wellington can work wonders with even the most narrow and abstract of spaces, so save yourself the headache and let us craft a layout that’s as lovely as it is logical. 


When you need to focus on moving

Finally, and perhaps most practically, folks in the process of shifting from one house to another often have no choice but to clear their home of furnishings. Whether your suites and sofas are needed in the new house or they need to be safe and secure in a storage unit, there will always be a period of time in which your old home will be ‘naked’ during property viewings. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a bare house (stripped of all the elements that give it warm ‘human’ appeal) isn’t going to attract or maintain the attention of your buyers. The remedy for this is simple; so simple that you won’t even need to lift a finger (other than to give us a call and book our services). 

Our talented team of Wellington homestaging experts will deliver and arrange our very own collection of stylish home staging furniture, filling your home with temporary suites that inspire buyers both online and in person.

You focus on moving, we’ll focus on crafting a ‘dream home’ interior that’ll secure a pretty price tag for your property.

Emma Bell