Setting the scene: Winter Home Staging in Wellington

Nobody appreciates house hunting during the winter. It takes a lot of inspiration to feel like leaving the comfort of our own homes to explore other properties in the cold, windy weather. If you’re looking for tips to prepare your house for sale during the winter, we’ve got a few clever home staging techniques for you to try in today’s article.

Keep it cosy

Good lighting and ample heating are an excellent start to the process of home staging for property viewings. Cosy home staging is all about creating an atmosphere and a positive experience, and if a viewer’s first experience of your home is one of comfort, warmth and light, they’ll walk away with wonderful memories and a good feeling about your property.

Quite simply, a cold and dark home isn’t one you’d personally want to spend your winters living in. So, it stands to reason that your viewers would feel the same way! Treat them to the full and delightful experience that is your home. Get the fire, heatpump or wall-heater blazing and turn on your warmest and brightest lights – it’s time to prepare your house for sale!


Add some texture


A warm and bright home is all well and good, but the best home staging happens when your viewer can truly understand what it feels like to live in the space. For this step, you’ll want to employ the expertise of a seasoned Wellington home staging professional.

We’ll transform your home into the ultimate cosy winter retreat, offering viewers a dreamy vision of what life might be like in what they might one day call their own home. Adding textures to your home will delight the senses and spark an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. Elements such as fluffy throw blankets, plush furnishings and perhaps a delicious scented candle or two will enchant potential buyers.


Great photos: Give them a good reason to make the trip

What’s going to get potential buyers out of their blankets and in their cars on their way to see your home? Great photos! A Wellington home staging expert will arrange and prepare your house for sale – meaning the space will be photo-ready, perfect for making a dazzling online appearance.


If you’re ready to get your house sold (despite the bitter cold), start with us. Let Homestaging Wellington get your house ready to stun this winter.

Emma Bell