Homestaging: like bees to honey

Nobody is in a rush to view a hollow, dark and empty shell of a property. Likewise, you’re not going to attract many clicks and ‘saves’ with a dull selection of images available online. Four walls, a floor and a ceiling aren’t exactly inspiring interior experiences, so don’t expect crowds to rush for a closer inspection of such ‘minimalist’ offerings.

If you want to attract ‘bees’ to your property, you’re going to need to sell it as a visually-stimulating experience. Cue the Homestaging Wellington team!  

By entrusting a talented Wellington homestaging expert with your property, you’ll be set to have a home that stands out in a saturated housing market. Buyers will travel a long way and dedicate a lot of time and effort to get to an attractive property viewing. In today’s article, we’ll explore how homestaging will help you stand out from the crowd, online or off.


We humans are naturally inquisitive creatures, and nothing draws us out to a property viewing quite like a stylish home. We’re eager (and just a little bit nosey) to see the different room designs; the way the light hits the space, and the harmonious arrangement of furnishings between the living room, dining room and kitchen. When attending home-staged open homes, we come for the interior inspiration and stay for all the other wonderful discoveries your house has to offer.

By offering a full interior experience with your property viewing, you’ll attract buyers like bees to honey.


No property is perfect. Each home has its quirks, but there’s nothing a little clever home staging won’t fix. The interior styling experts at Homestaging Wellington will be sure to arrange your home in such a way that ensures viewers will be drawn to its positive points.

Small spaces can be transformed with some clever mirrors and bright pieces of art. Awkward layouts can be forced to flow with a few expertly angled rugs and chairs. Where there’s a will and a space to style, there’s a way!



With glamorously styled photography, your home will ascend to the top of any buyer’s wishlist. If you’re lucky, your home might even end up shared among friends as an exciting find, worthy of appreciation (and hopefully further investigation). Our homestaging experts will have your property picture-perfect, with arrangements and artworks that capture the eye and invite viewers to click and browse through full albums online.

Emma Bell