Maximising smaller spaces with homestaging

Be it a snug intercity apartment or a teeny townhouse, homeowners can sometimes struggle to prepare their smaller spaces for sale. If the idea is to inspire buyers to picture themselves using the space to its fullest, then the focus for homestyling should be to show that potential in action.

How do we translate that potential to buyers? Through some strategic homestaging, of course.

Multi-purpose styling

The key to maximising a space is to give it multiple purposes. Apartments thrive on this sort of life-styling. Picture yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer - when you view an empty kitchen/living room, for example, you’ll only see the four walls and the floorspace. If this space sits on the small side, it’ll be challenging to convince anyone that furnishings might effectively be arranged in this space to accommodate a comfortable lifestlye.

The best way to convince potential buyers of a space’s potential is to fill it with fashionable, functional furnishings that provide multiple functions at once to save space. A savvy Wellington homestaging expert can achieve this multi-purpose space by defining areas such as the dining room, lounge and entrance way within the single space.

Such ‘spaces within spaces’ can be segregated with clever furniture arrangements. Furniture and colour coordination will need to flow to allow our eyes to comfortably accept the space. A talented homestager with a good sense of flow will design this space for your apartment, and subsequently inspire future buyers to appreciate small spaces anew.

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If you’re preparing to sell your home or apartment in Wellington, ensure you present the space in its best light. Employ the talents of Homestaging Wellington and let our expert stylist unlock the huge potential of your petite space.

Emma Bell