Putting your Wellington holiday home on the market

Warm, well-insulated homes might be considered hot property for a majority of the year, but it is the humble Kiwi holiday home that piques the most interest during the summer season and the months leading up to it. Spring and summer are universally considered the best times to sell holiday homes, as holiday-makers will be out in droves on the hunt for the perfect getaway property to enjoy during the warmer season.

Add to this the rise in popularity of Airbnb and short-stay holiday homes, and the fact that plenty of folks are looking for the perfect property in Wellington to buy and rent out to holiday-goers.

Are you looking to prepare your house for sale in Wellington and you’d like to win the hearts of your buyers with the perfect ‘holiday home’ look and feel? The best way to ensure your home captures the holiday feel in a stylish and universally appealing way is to entrust a Wellington home staging expert to achieve this theme.


Wellington home staging spins a narrative

Did you know that a home can tell a story, simply through its decorations? In fact, the key to effective homestaging is to spin a bit of a story into every aspect of the home. You want to encourage anyone who visits and views your home to see certain aspects of this home ‘narritive’ and apply them to their own lifestyle.



Here’s an example:

You might have a window in your home that looks out on a beautiful view and captures some stunning sunlight in the afternoon. While you might currently be using the space for some practical storage or a home office, a homestaging expert can transform this space into a bright and cosy reading nook. With some well-placed home staging furniture, a leafy green plant and some tropical pillows, buyers will better see themselves in the space, perhaps reading and sipping some bubbly while they enjoy an afternoon on holiday.

In addition to home staging furniture, a Wellington homestaging designer will tastefully decorate your holiday home with a distinct holiday theme. If your house is situated by the ocean, there might be a subtle nautical motif used here and there. If your home is perched atop a hill with sweeping city views, a series of light modern furnishings and stimulating paintings could be placed to transform the property into an energetic urban escape.

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it is that every holiday home has potential, and the best way to unlock and indeed highlight that potential is through clever narrative homestaging. 


Emma Bell