Get ready: Summer is the best time to sell your home in Wellington

With the promise of longer days and balmier weather on the horizon, late spring and early summer are gearing up to be the perfect months for seeing properties move! Buyers will be out in droves, and with more buyers come more generous offers for your beautiful home.

Will you be preparing your home for sale in Wellington with the goal of having it on the market in time for summer? If so, you haven’t got a lot of time left for home styling! Here are our tips for getting your Wellington home ready for sale this spring.



Before any sort of Wellington home staging can happen in your house, you’ll need to do a little old-fashioned spring cleaning. With the worst of winter over and summer sunshine on the way, we recommend spending a few sunny Saturdays or Sundays with your windows and doors left wide open.

The more sunshine and wind you can let in, the better, as these elements are like natural dusting and de-moulding treatments. We usually keep our doors and windows shut tight to lock in the warmth during the winter, but in doing so we lock all manner of dust, darkness and moisture (the perfect recipe for mould).

Treat your home to a thorough deep-clean, and make sure to wipe up the sodden remains of winter condensation around your windowpanes. Lastly, invest in a few neutrally scented candles permeating aromas of clean linen or cut grass. A bright and fresh-smelling home sells!



The best home staging happens when a house is completely clear of clutter. The less personal items or worn pieces of furniture, the better. Try not to take offence at this step – we’re sure you wouldn’t want to stay at a hotel if the bedroom walls were covered in pictures of the hotel owner’s family members, so avoid succumbing potential buyers to the same slightly awkward situation.

Embrace spring cleaning and clear your home of unwanted bits and bobs. Start with your wardrobes and work your way through the home room by room until you’re left with only the essentials – this will alleviate the load when the time comes to pack up and move, too! 



Sit back and relax, because this step is up to us! Leave it a talented Wellington homestaging designer to have your home looking stylish and sale-ready for summer. With a modern and tastefully collection of home staging furniture and an unbeatable understanding for interior design, a Homestaging Wellington designer will transform your home into a slice of heaven: the hottest property on the market for summer 2019!

Emma Bell