House hunting season: 'swing into summer' style tips

Summer is here (at last) and we’ve got hot tips to share on the best way to prepare your house for sale in Wellington.

‘Tis the season for house hunting in New Zealand, so you can expect to see a decent turnout for your open home. If you really want to make the most from your home, you’ll need Homestaging Wellington’s expert homestaging services to style your home ready for full-potential sale.

In addition to homestaging your property, here are a few summer tips you can try before you invite potentials in to buy:


Summer On The Inside

Summer is hot property season, both metaphorically and physically! Open home sessions can get stifling hot if your home is not ventilated properly so be sure to open up those windows and set up a few fans wherever needed.

If possible, open up your doors and windows wide for at least an hour before the open home to invite as much fresh air as possible into the property. Repeat this action when everyone has cleared out of the open home session. It’s also a nice idea to have cold water available for property viewers – keep them happy and hydrated!


Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Maybe you’ve only got a tiny patch of pavement or deck area to work with, but when it comes to homestaging in Wellington we are experts at making a little go a long way! The right set of outdoor furniture can turn a tiny deck into an outdoor entertainment experience. You’ve seen Welly cafes get away with it for years: a couple of chairs and a table in a bold colour can be a treat to eat at. Add a few extra details (like a pot plant centerpiece) and you’ve made it your own.

Summer is the season of outdoor entertainment, so you really want to drive the idea of this experience home in the hearts of your potential buyers. Homestaging Wellington provides furniture rental for home sale in Wellington, so we can sort the outdoor seating set for you this summer.


Green Green Gardens

If you’ve got a garden area to work with then you’ve got to work it hard! Summer will see homeowners spending several evenings (at least) outdoors: splashing in paddling pools, firing up the BBQ, or chilling in a foldable chair with a good book under a tree.

To keep your garden aesthetic appealing you’ll need to keep it green. Pro tip: water your gardens in the evenings so the sun and Wellington winds won’t dry up your freshly sprinkled water. The cool hours of the evening will slowly soak the water into the ground, meaning your grass will stay greener for longer.

Summer is also prime-time for growing, so you might like to set up the skeleton of a vegetable garden for your potential buyers – always a winner with Wellingtonians!

For that eye-catching extra touch of property perfection you might want to pop down to Bunnings and grab yourself a few pretty plants. Brightly coloured flowers are always a winner with potential buyers.

Emma Bell