Spring cleaning for summer sales

Spring has sprung (kind of) and it’s almost house hunting season – you know what time it is: cleaning time! Once you’ve made the decision to move on and sell your home in Wellington, it can be a little more than daunting just thinking about all the fluffing you’ll need to do to get your home ship-shape for the summer housing market.

Relax, we’ve got a neat little show-home spring cleaning checklist for you to tick-as-you-go:


Let’s start here, because de-cluttering is probably going to be the most time consuming job (depending on how much clutter you have to organise, of course). If you’ve got a nice spacious home with plenty of storage, then you have it easy! Often tiny apartments and abodes on the smaller side in Wellington can cause a lot of fuss for homeowners looking to sell: where on earth are you supposed to put everything?

Unfortunately, a home cluttered with your personal bits and bobs is going to have a hard time helping buyers to picture themselves dwelling there. At least try to pack everything away neatly in a cupboard: there are plenty of ‘organisation life hacks’ out there, both online and in magazines, so take advantage of some of those tips!

Perhaps you have a saintly friend who won’t mind putting up with a few boxes of your stuff during your open home weekends? Do what you can to avoid having your home look like an episode of Hoarders.

Bathroom/kitchen time

Starting with the bathrooms, do your utmost to eradicate or at the very least minimise all signs of previous use. Bleach, polish and scrub until that bathroom looks freshly installed! Invest in a few new purposefully-placed towels that you can whip out for the duration of your open homes, and purchase yourself a fragrant diffuser. Avoid anything that smells too much like desert in the bathroom (apples or vanilla), floral scents or citrus scents usually work best.

The kitchen is pretty straightforward, but you’d be surprised how often sellers forget to scrub out the cupboards and oven! I don’t know about you, but personally I think that unidentified sticky matter on any surface in the kitchen is an absolute deal-breaker.

You don’t necessarily need to totally renovate these rooms. A deep clean is usually enough for a buyer, and Wellington buyers are generally relaxed about older commodities – we’re not the youngest city in New Zealand!

Air and light

Open up the windows as often as you possibly can! This can’t be stressed enough! Get that fresh air flowing through the whole home, especially on the morning of your open-home showing. Summertime open homes can get uncomfortably warm, so keep cool air flowing through each room, and install a fan or two if need be.

As for lighting, just keep an eye on all your bulbs and replace when necessary. If you have especially dark corners, try and get a lamp lighting these up to keep the rooms looking big and bring for viewers.

 - - - - - - -

The next part of the process is, of course, booking yourself a quality Wellington home stager! Investing in the talents of a local home stager will ensure that your house is getting dressed up in the latest fashions –  Wellingtonians can relate to your well-dressed home and appreciate it’s stylish familiarity. 

Emma Bell