House for sale: the two types of buyers to be aware of in Wellington

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows that the Wellington housing market is super hot right now. If you’re selling a home in Wellington, it is vital for sellers to understand the two types of buyers house hunting at the moment: families looking for a home to move into, and investors looking for a place to rent to tenants.

Investors are going crazy for properties to add to their portfolios, and if you’re preparing a home for sale in Wellington you’ll want to ensure your home is fetching its worth...and then some! To achieve an attractive price with investing buyers, you’ll need to get competitive: you’ll need to sell your home dressed to the nines, and that’s where Homestaging Wellington comes in!

Selling your house in a competitive market requires a few key factors for maximising its appeal (and price): future-proof style, and a well-mapped-out furnished floor plan. The Homestaging Wellington team come prepared with contemporary, stylish furnishings ready to inspire investors to picture tenants using the space to its full potential. Our sense of future-proof style and clever use of contemporary colour ensures that each home we stage looks as though it's ready forthe future – no matter how ‘retro’ your home.

As far as families are concerned, Homestaging provides house hunters with more of an emotional experience when they walk through an open home – an experience beyond viewing an empty house with nothing more than four walls and a roof.

Walking inside a home with little to no furnishings can cause confusion as families are challenged to mentally scale things such as beds and couches as they attempt to map out the potential living space. If you want these families to fall in love with your property, you’ll need to provide those visiting your home for a viewing with a warm environment that captures all the warmth and heart of a ready-to-move-in home, and the Homestaging Wellington team knows how to capture this feeling through well-placed furnishing and smart styling.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home to investors or families, Homestaging Wellington can prepare your property to sell. See your property is placed into the right hands, the right way. The property market might be hot, but a little smart styling will see your own slice of Wellington selling for much more than it’s worth while you sit back and enjoy the rewarding results! 

Emma Bell