The online edge: how to win the hearts of home browsers

When buyers begin their house hunt, they often start the search by looking online. The photos on display  here need to be beautiful and inviting; enough to stimulate a browsing buyer’s interest. This is where home staging and quality photography comes in: the preparation and presentation of your house until every inch is ready to shine online. Home staging is the best way to prepare your house for sale when you can proudly post photos of your rooms online. This, in turn, leads to appointments being booked to see the home and then, of course, making the decision to buy. The goal in home staging and photography is to create a positive, lasting impression; one that will see your house sour straight to the top of a buyer’s watchlist.

So what can you do to help your house win hearts online? The first step to improving your interior image is de-cluttering. This cannot be emphasized enough! All the sprucing and photos cannot happen until the space is clear, clean and ready for improvement. Clutter is an instant repellant to potential buyers, as it forces them to spend unnecessary time trying to picture your rooms free of nic naks, piles, or overdone furnishings. 

If the photos of your rooms have too much clutter, buyers browsing through advertisements in the online house market (normally avoiding any listings without pictures, anyway)  will give up and move on. It happens that simply and that quickly: it’s a competitive world out there!

Sunny days are lifesavers when it comes to getting your home to shine online.  Sunbathed photographs are encouraging to the buyer, as they can associate your home with beautiful weather and warmth. Make sure to do a weather check before you get snap-happy. 

In cities such as Wellington, the sun is here one minute and then covered in cloud the next, all thanks to our iconic winds! If you’re not having much luck finding the perfect time to take the photos yourself, it’s always best to invest in a professional photographer. The professionals can make a house glow even on a gloomy rainy day! 

Getting your photography done on the right day is also extremely important if your home is lucky enough to catch a view. Make sure that view can be seen as much as possible in your pictures! Additionally, if you have a garden of any size, be sure to take time fixing it up for the photos. This will allow browsing buyers to picture what space they might have to work with if they were to purchase your home.

Emma Bell