Why homestaging is so important to get the sale

If you are attending a big event such as a wedding, or perhaps even a much anticipated date night, you would carefully select your choice of outfit including accessories.  You would aim to look your absolute best, perhaps even buying new pieces to complete the look, or hiring a tuxedo. Homestaging follows the same principle, prepare your home to its absolute best aesthetics to ensure a prompt sale and plenty of interest.  You may still be in the midst of “let’s just try and sell out property empty”, here is why homestaging is so important to get that sale over the line.

Any real estate agent will tell you, it is much harder to sell an empty house than it is to sell a house with furniture.  The expense of kitting out an entire house of furniture just for the sale aspect is a pricey option…. And so…. That’s where we come in.

At Homestaging Wellington we will evaluate the property and dress it accordingly to show the property in its absolute best light.  There are two crucial elements when it comes to selling a home. Firstly, photographs will likely be the first way potential buyers will see the property.  These photographs need to speak to their emotion and indeed make them attend a property viewing. Secondly, on physical inspection of the home, you want it to feel homely, comfortable and spacious.  Rather than looking lived in we want to create the vibe that it is ready to be lived in by the prospectus buyer.  

Trying to sell an empty home is tricky. Spaces look smaller and it can be very hard for the buyer to decipher the different areas of the room. Take an open plan lounge/dining for example. When empty you may assume it wouldn’t fit both lounge furniture and a dining suite. A staged property will show the buyer how to utilise the space.

Homestaging will create a fabulous first impression both in photographs online, on marketing collateral (such as For Sale sings) and when the buyer walks through the front door.  First class photos will be achieved and perceived value of the property will be enhanced.

Homestaging allows us to showcase the positives and steer away from any negatives. It is amazing the power of a well-placed couch or coffee table to change the entire look and feel of a space. Simply choosing the right size bed for the bedroom can make the room look larger and more spacious than a Super King bed in a relatively small bedroom.

No one wants their property on the market for months on end without a bite. Remember, Research shows that homestaged properties sell for more and in less time than empty properties. Fact.
Emma Bell