Homestaging and interior design – What’s the difference?

Often when we talk to people about what we do, one of the more common responses is:

“Oh, you’re interior designers!”

It’s easy to see why people make that assumption – after all, what we do is fairly similar to interior design. But the reality is we’re not interior designers, we’re homestagers, and there’s a big difference.

Interior Design is the process of working with someone who owns a property to make their rooms as appealing and personalised as possible. Every home owner is going to have their own preferences and styles, and they want each room in their house to reflect that. They also want their home to suit the way in which they live.

Homestaging is quite the opposite – we style rooms and spaces to be as appealing as possible to as wide a range of people as we can. Our goal is to prepare your house for sale, and ensure you’re able to sell it as quickly and as profitably as possible. We identify the positive features of each room, and style them in a way that emphasises those features.

So interior designers style their spaces based on the preference of the homeowner. We style our spaces based on what is going to sell your house faster. We’re much more concerned about how a potential buyer is going to react to the spaces we style, than how the owner is currently living in it.

An interior designer comes into a job asking the owner what they like, what they don’t like, how they use the space etc. Their design brief is based on the answers to those questions, and they design the spaces accordingly.

As homestagers, when we come into a home we don’t spend all our time learning the owners preferences – we spend it going through each room meticulously, identifying the aspects of the rooms that are going to be the most attractive to potential buyers. Our style, designs and the furniture we bring in to stage your home are all done with the intention of fetching you the best possible outcome for selling your home.

Another significant difference between staging your home for sale and interior design is the intended outcome for the owner. Interior design is all about increasing happiness and satisfaction at home. You’re left with rooms and spaces that appeal to you and work well with the way you live. Homestaging is an investment – and the goal is to get you a return on that investment by selling your property quicker and for a higher price.

Emma Bell