Homestaging for the holidays: four festive way

Last month we let you know that you’re formally invited to get festive this December...within reason! You don’t have to decorate for the sake of the season. Festive frills – if adorned correctly – can actually help a house sell when potential buyers are hunting for a house in Wellington over the holiday season!

Holiday home staging can bring a romantic factor to the home-viewing process that would otherwise be nonexistent any other time of the year. Let’s look at four festive ways you can bring ‘merry and bright’ stylishly to your home these holidays:


Avoid going OTT on the ornaments

Just because you have ‘em, doesn’t mean they need to go up. Ornaments can be seasonal sentiments that bring back all your favorite festive family memories...but the viewers of your home can’t relate. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes: hundreds of abstract, mixed ornaments are cluttering your view of a potentially beautiful space. Should you really have to put unnecessary amounts of mental effort into picturing the house without those obtrusively bright baubles?

Keep it clean and simple – monochromatic if you can! Stick with gold OR silver for your metallic or sparkly textures, and then opt for neutral whites and forest greens. If red is all you have (or want) to decorate with, then use it in small doses. Red decorations can be remarkably distracting!

Titanic Christmas Trees

When you’re selling a home, you’re selling the space more than any other feature. More space means more interest and – ultimately – more money. Your Wellington Homestaging company knows exactly how to amplify a space when presenting it to your viewers...and a gargantuan tree is going to do your living room no favors. Resist the urge to crank out the classic family tree, as it will sit obtrusively in a corner eating up precious space!

As we mentioned in our last blog, we really recommend exploring different options for your tree: the smaller the better.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it...festively

Turf that tinsel: the only adornment your door frames need is a touch of mistletoe or holly. Let your home’s gorgeous structure speak for itself! Covering valuable character-rich features of your home could be a bigger mistake than you might have anticipated.

Accentuate your homes character with light touches of greenery or glitter. Avoid bedazzling every bench top and windowsill, as this will block viewers from getting a good look at the home’s true trimmings beneath!

Keep it cozy

Go on. Bust out that cinnamon scented candle you’ve been dying to light all year. Fill your home with seasonal scents, but do so in moderation to avoid a series of sneezing home-viewers!  Ask your hired homestager to adorn your tabletops with bowls of deep-red fruit and light a row of delicate tealights along the windowsill. Take the aesthetic a step further with a bowl of neatly wrapped chocolaty treats your viewers can help themselves to on their way in or out.


When selling your home in the holidays, it’s all about taking the homestaging process that little bit further festively. Offer your viewers a magical, romantic holiday home-viewing experience that will have them falling in love and buying your house in a heartbeat! 

Emma Bell