Homestaging in Wellington: you can still Christmas!

The decorations and tree shops are popping up at the mall, Starbucks brought back Toffee-nut and Gingerbread lattes and – any second now – Michael Bublé is about to blare out of every shop speaker in New Zealand. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is on its merry way.

Are you currently preparing your home for sale in Wellington? We know what you’re thinking: “I can’t decorate my house this Christmas if I have to have it staged for sale!”

Relax! You can totally still Christmas if you’re in the middle of selling a home in Wellington. As long as you keep thing simple and tasteful, here are a few tips to maintain tasteful tinsel while prepping your home for sale:

Shed a little light!

What’s a Christmas-decorated house without a few fairy lights? But let’s note the key word here: a few.

Do: a lovely string of simple warm white lights across the curtain rail is a pleasing site for anyone browsing your open home, or even a string hung above the kitchen window! You could even try that super-cute Pinterest tea light jar idea: bunch an assortment of seed lights in a clean jar and place this on a table to add some sweet stars of light here and there!

Don’t: bedazzle your abode with blinky brightly coloured Christmas lights. Please resist dozens of those dangly ones, too: you don’t want viewers parting curtains of decorative fairy lights when trying to move about your home!

Tree alternatives

Christmas trees are so cosy and romantic...but they’re also a nightmare to pack up!

Do: explore alternative tree options. Consider a present table rather than a tree under which presents would normally be placed. There are plenty of stylish tree-shaped alternatives out there, including ultra-cool LED light trees (which you can absolutely hang a few decorations on).

Don’t: Crank out that huge furry family tree. Keep that big boy boxed up while you sell and move: save yourself the stress of constantly vacuuming before every open home (thanks to oodles of tree-matter strewn across the floor). Also, if you sell quicker than you anticipated and need to get going, the last thing you want to worry about is carefully packing away all those precious baubles!

We’ve got a few more homestaging holiday tips coming your way if you’re interested in professionally preparing a home for sale in Wellington, so keep an eye on our blog! 

Emma Bell