House hunting season: 'swing into summer' style tips

Summer is here (at last) and we’ve got hot tips to share on the best way to prepare your house for sale in Wellington.

‘Tis the season for house hunting in New Zealand, so you can expect to see a decent turnout for your open home. If you really want to make the most from your home, you’ll need Homestaging Wellington’s expert homestaging services to style your home ready for full-potential sale.

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Homestaging for the holidays: four festive way

Last month we let you know that you’re formally invited to get festive this December...within reason! You don’t have to decorate for the sake of the season. Festive frills – if adorned correctly – can actually help a house sell when potential buyers are hunting for a house in Wellington over the holiday season! 

Holiday home staging can bring a romantic factor to the home-viewing process that would otherwise be nonexistent any other time of the year. Let’s look at four festive ways you can bring ‘merry and bright’ stylishly to your home these holidays...

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Homestaging in Wellington: you can still Christmas!

The decorations and tree shops are popping up at the mall, Starbucks brought back Toffee-nut and Gingerbread lattes and – any second now – Michael Bublé is about to blare out of every shop speaker in New Zealand. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is on its merry way

Are you currently preparing your home for sale in Wellington? We know what you’re thinking: “I can’t decorate my house this Christmas if I have to have it staged for sale!” 

Relax! You can totally still Christmas if you’re in the middle of selling a home in Wellington. As long as you keep thing simple and tasteful, here are a few tips to maintain tasteful tinsel while prepping your home for sale:

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Spring cleaning for summer sales

Spring has sprung (kind of) and it’s almost house hunting season – you know what time it is: cleaning time! Once you’ve made the decision to move on and sell your home in Wellington, it can be a little more than daunting just thinking about all the fluffing you’ll need to do to get your home ship-shape for the summer housing market.

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House for sale: the two types of buyers to be aware of in Wellington

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows that the Wellington housing market is super hot right now. If you’re selling a home in Wellington, it is vital for sellers to understand the two types of buyers house hunting at the moment: families looking for a home to move into, and investors looking for a place to rent to tenants.

Investors are going crazy for properties to add to their portfolios, and if you’re preparing a home for sale in Wellington you’ll want to ensure your home is fetching its worth...and then some! To achieve an attractive price with investing buyers, you’ll need to get competitive: you’ll need to sell your home dressed to the nines, and that’s where Homestaging Wellington comes in!

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Organising space without walls: part 2

Contemporary homes are ditching the restricted-function of designated rooms in favour of wide open spaces sweeping from the entrance to the edge of the lounge (and sometimes even the deck). The aim of the game is space: you want to eliminate visual obstacles and avoid awkward navigation through the floor plan.

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Organising space without walls: part 1

Nobody ‘gets’ home space layout quite like Homestaging Wellington, so we’ve prepared a few trusty tips in our ‘Organizing space without walls’ series over the next few months.

We know open floor (or open plan) living space is the norm now, but do we understand how to properly handle it? Whether you're selling, buying or just looking to spruce things up, it’s  important for home-dwellers to have at least a basic understanding of how best to lay out their open plan living space.

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The online edge: how to win the hearts of home browsers

When buyers begin their house hunt, they often start the search by looking online. The photos on display  here need to be beautiful and inviting; enough to stimulate a browsing buyer’s interest. This is where home staging and quality photography comes in: the preparation and presentation of your house until every inch is ready to shine online. Home staging is the best way to prepare your house for sale when you can proudly post photos of your rooms online. This, in turn, leads to appointments being booked to see the home and then, of course, making the decision to buy. The goal in home staging and photography is to create a positive, lasting impression; one that will see your house sour straight to the top of a buyer’s watchlist.

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Getting rid of clutter to give the "home staged" look

Often what people love most about Home Staging is the clutter free approach.  Living in a clutter free home doesn’t need to be just a dream, it can be reality. Having a well thought out home with just the right amount of furniture or belongings for your space may be easier than you think.

There are a few steps you can go through with the items in your home to eliminate clutter and live in a more peaceful abode.

Make some rules you will follow once the decluttering exercise has been done – “when a new item comes in, an old item goes out”.  Rather than walking around your house looking for things that can go, ask yourself a question to follow through with, “what item in this room can I live without?”

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Why homestaging is so important to get the sale

If you are attending a big event such as a wedding, or perhaps even a much anticipated date night, you would carefully select your choice of outfit including accessories.

You would aim to look your absolute best, perhaps even buying new pieces to complete the look, or hiring a tuxedo. Homestaging follows the same principle, prepare your home to its absolute best aesthetics to ensure a prompt sale and plenty of interest.  You may still be in the midst of “let’s just try and sell out property empty”, here is why homestaging is so important to get that sale over the line.

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Homestaging and interior design – What’s the difference?

Often when we talk to people about what we do, one of the more common responses is:

“Oh, you’re interior designers!”

It’s easy to see why people make that assumption – after all, what we do is fairly similar to interior design. But the reality is we’re not interior designers, we’re homestagers, and there’s a big difference.

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